“24 hours in a day, 24 beers in a case. Coincidence?” -Stephen Wright

Bierdar is a location-based, iBeacon-enabled application that aims to offer an answer to the age-old question, where is the beer?

Location-based beer finder

Bierdar simply shows you if a beer opportunity is close by. Under the hood is Bierdar is an informal social network of random encounters with likeminded people around the theme of beer.

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While a radar uses electromagnetic waves to detect and locate objects, the Bierdar uses Bluetooth Low Energy Beacons. When a beer is near, the Bierdar will display a small beer and when you are closing in the Bierdar will display a larger beer.

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Find beer that is around you. Easily helping you get a delicious and freshly brewed cold-one for your drinking pleasure.Easy on the battery and fun on the eyes, Bierdar is the tool that helps you!

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