Qyu is the evolution of modern urban living into a smarter, fully interactive, mobile, location-based, immersive, and fun experience.


Wherever you are, the content you can play changes with you. Technologies GPS and Bluetooth LE Beacons (iBeacons) lead an incomparable immersive experience.

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Augmented Reality

Experience the world around you as never before. See your surrounding become alive through a stunning location-based and event driven sound and visionary overlay.

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Every action in the game grid has a similar reaction in the real world. Enjoy an interactive engagement with characters in engaging story-lines that keep you entertained.

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Read stuff

Within the world of Qyu, there is always something to do. Find novels you have not read yet in one of the participating coffee houses.

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Game Platform

How about a nice game? Many quests support mysteries, riddles, leaderboards, multi-location adventures, and support for the overreaching story arc.

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How about an interactive build-your-own adventure like scavenger hunt? Whatever you chose to do, our quests are interactive, dynamic, live and on location. So you can enjoy your life.

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